Learn Farm

is the agribusiness arm of Learn Enterprises Limited. We continuously identify unique and potential enterprises and develop them to commercial levels. Our philosophy is grounded in working with all stakeholders along unique value chains. We are ready to collaborate with both local and international stakeholders in agribusiness development.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision: Economically viable, innovative and honest enterprises offering top quality services to others.
  • Mission: To offer specialized and unique services (in agriculture development, natural resource management, recreation and consultancy expertise) that meaningfully contribute to national and regional development.


  • To develop unique animal and crop value chains for farming as a business.


  • Business Incubation
  • On-Farm Research
  • Seed and Stock Multiplication
  • Scaled up Production
  • Value Addition
  • Market Promotion
  • Training and Out-growing

Value Chains Being Developed

Two enterprises are already identified for development and these are: Rabbit and Lima Beans.

Unique Animal Enterprises: Rabbitry

Learn Enterprises Limited (LEL) has selected rabbit farming as one of the unique but potential enterprises to develop. Putting the lessons learnt from past experiences into consideration, LEL would like to be one of the pioneers in revamping rabbitry to become one of the major enterprises for food, nutrition and income security in Uganda. LEL's vision in this area is to deliver high quality rabbit meat on the market in and around Kampala. Under Learn Farms (LF), a commercial rabbit farm located in Kisaasi-Kampala is currently being established, with a plan to be transferred to Mukono as it expands.

Breeding: Though started with local and cross breeds, a good breeding stock (New Zealand White) has now been identified for multiplication and production. Other breeds like the Chincilla and Califonia White were identified in Kenya and there are plans to import a few for further multiplication. The farm's target is a stock of 100 high yielding breeders.

Production: Learn Farms has already established hutches for growing of fryers. The target is a unit that can house 400 fryers at a go with an output of 100 per month in the first year. This will be doubled in the second year.

Processing: Learn farm is already slaughtering and packing rabbit meat at a small scale. A simple processing and packing unit is being established. Funds pertaining, LEL will establish a fully operational processing plant.

Marketing: Initial target are individual primary consumers, but secondary consumers like hotels, restaurants supermarkets and meat joints will be reached in the long run. LEL did a rabbit meat survey that estimated the Kampala demand at about 5 tonnes per month for a start.

Outreach: LEL plans to sensitise and train other farmers at a fee in order to increase production and sustain the market as a whole. These farmers can become out-growers feeding the processing and marketing units.

Special Beans

Thirty or forty years ago, rural East Africa was endowed with a variety of delicious pulses (e.g. lima beans, rice beans, cow peas, etc) which could be eaten all year round. They were very rich in plant protein, soluble fiber and minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium which are essential for health living. They cooked very fast (fresh or dry, with or without cover, depending on preference) and were used in plain or mixed stews, salads. Unfortunately, their production and use of these special beans has been on the decline nearly up to extinction.

LEL is planning to produce, process, and pack and sell (both fresh and dry) these neglected special beans. Currently, the large Lima beans (Ebigaaga in Luganda) have been identified and pilot production plus sale started.

Plans: These unique value chains are consistently being expanded to commercial levels and more (e.g. White and yellow yams, rice beans, special mushrooms, etc.) will be identified and promoted with commercially oriented out growers and partners, as resources become available.Read More»