• Rabbitry Visit To Kenya

    Learn Enterprises Limited is organising a visit to Kenya to interact with Kenyan Rabbit farmers. Details will be communicated soon.

  • Opportunity for Rabbitry Training

    Have you been looking for a hands-on training in commercial Rabbit Farming? Here is a chance for you.

    Learn Enterprises Limited (LEL) is organizing 2 days training sessions on "Commercial Rabbit Farming" that will be taking place at the RabFarm in Kisaasi. The fee will be 100,000/= per participant for the two days inclusive of lunch. The lunch on the last day will include a rabbit meat di...  more »

  • Rabbit Skins

    Since we started slaughtering rabbits for meat, we had been throwing away the skins to dogs. Then in April this until I met Dr. Kulumba (Makerere University) who linked us to one of his former student. We now tan the skins and have linked up with a crafts lady at the Crafts Village who is able to make various products from the skins. However, the few tips of the hair on the skins come ...  more »

  • Exhibition of Rabbitry in Jinja

    The show was such a great achievement for the rabbitry industry, where we exhibited the whole value chain from breeding stock to consumption. Our stall was always full with many people yearning to learn about rabbits and rabbit farming. The roasted meat every evening was wonderful and there exhibitors who became permanent customers. Then the skin products that were amazing to many people...  more »

  • Rabbitry Network

    Our computer expert is working on the network system that will enable rabbitry farmers and other stakeholders share news, information and  updates with each other. If you are not interested in such a network, please inform us, and once everything is set, this will be automatic.