Samuel Luzobe

Personal Mission

Samuel Luzobe is a leader who exists to be a servant; available and willing to share/apply his professional expertise (knowledge, skills, talents, experience) to harness business growth and organizational health.

General working experience

Thirteen (13) years experience in senior management heading human resource and administration functions in NGOs and the private sector (in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan). Prior to that, a development management professional for thirteen (13) years with wide experience in project management (design, monitoring and evaluation) within NGO context. Worked with the Government, the church and the NGO sector. International exposure with experiences in UK, USA and many countries in Africa. Has worked in hardship and emergency relief situations in Northern Uganda and in South Sudan.

Key competencies and skills

  1. People Management
    • Management of the entire people talent chain (recruitment, selection, performance management, Training and Development, reward system, grievance, discipline and separation).
    • Strategic Human resource planning and management
    • Job analysis/profiling , job evaluations, salary and benefits reviews.
    • Organizational design (including designing effective organigrams).
    • Developing staff policies and rules to guide staff behavior and expectations.
    • Promotion of staff openness and internal communication in the organization.
    • Experienced in facilitating at trainings (seminars and workshops).
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (including documentation).
    • Counselor and career guidance specialist.
  2. Organizational Development
    • Diagnosing structural, process and individual constraints to organisational performance.
    • Designing team building activities and team performance measurements.
    • Identifying key growth areas for senior management/leadership teams and organization development opportunities for meeting these growth needs.
    • Research: Organization-wide reviews for large and complex organizations (designing the tools for data collection, analyzing the data, writing a report and follow through on implementation of recommendations).
    • Skilled in assessing organizational Health through organization climate surveys.
  3. Strategic Management and Leadership skills
    • Designing, implementing and reviewing of corporate strategic and operational plans and budgets.
    • Designing and implementing management development schemes for executive teams.
    • Participatory formulation and review of Organizational Policies.
    • Facilitation and supporting organizational development initiatives(change development)
    • Benchmarking studies for organizations.
  4. Project Development and Management Skills (NGO sector)
    • Skilled in project management and supervision of projects.
    • Designing , monitoring and evaluation of projects.
    • Use of the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) for project design, monitoring and evaluation.
    • Excellent community mobilization skills.
    • Designing and implementing of project phase out processes.

Key Qualifications

MA (Organizational Leadership), Advanced certificate in Strategic Human Resource Management, MBA (human resource option), Diploma in Management Studies, Bachelor of Vet Medicine. Has certifications in Behavioural Based Interviewing (DDI), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (test administration and interpretations of the results), Hay Job evaluation methodology. Has trained in international Human Resource management (in UK and USA). Pursuing a PhD in organizational Leadership with Eastern University in the USA.

Employment exposure

Has 25 years of work experience. Worked with four international organizations (Africa Rural Development, World Vision International, Save the Children, African Trade Insurance Agency), and with the Government and the church. Over the years, held positions of project manager, program manager, regional program manager, human resource and administration director and human resource specialist.